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Position Details: Warehouse Manager

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Openings: 1


Our client in the Retail Industry seeks to hire a competent and professional Warehouse Manager.

  •  Responsible for the strict supervision of the warehouse purchase, return, the system of all aspects of the receipt, return, system, system management, control;
  • Responsible for the implementation of inventory management, to ensure that the warehouse system data is accurate, identify problems and identify the causes in time, and report to the superior at the same time take effective measures to deal with timely and effective measures;
  • Responsible for managing the daily work of the staff members under their jurisdiction, such as attendance, overtime management, office management and so on, inspecting and supervising the work performance of all posts, conscientiously implementing the duties of each post;
  • Improve the system, optimize the picking position, set the direction, improve the quality of the system, optimize the cargo space, fast and slow flow, inventory days to improve the quality and ability of individual staff;
  • To complete other related work assigned by the supervisor;
  • Will speak Chinese first;

  • Logistics professional graduation priority;
  • Familiar with warehouse management and logistics distribution of the various operational processes;
  • Familiar with the application of office software (form-based) can adapt to overtime;
  • Honest and trustworthy;

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