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Position Details: Head of Finance and Administration

Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Openings: 1


CBA is the largest privately-owned bank in East Africa, with representation in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, and shortly planning entry into Rwanda. In addition to providing services to the Corporate and Personal Banking market segments there is now also strong focus on targeting the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) segment. CBA is one of the leaders in innovation in the banking space, being the first to offer fully digital banking channels, M-pesa1 and M-shwari2 products, 105% mortgage financing and foreign currency based mortgages and credit cards. It has gained a good reputation for being one of the financial service providers to offer banking solutions tailored to each local market.

The purpose of this role is to manage the Finance & Administration functions of the in- market country business unit.This incorporates maintenance of accurate and complete accounting records; production of internal and external financial and operational reports for use by management and the Board; undertaking financial planning and budgeting based on input from the business heads and continuously monitoring performance against the agreed financial objectives.
The role undertakes long term financial planning and initial input for strategy formulation; and also covers general administration activities oversight to ensure best practices are adopted and observed in corporate property management, sourcing and acquisition and vendor management.


Finance Management

Deliver financial reports that are accurate and timely and within the CBA Group reporting standards.

Provide quality statutory reports of the Bank to various stakeholders Measure capital expenditure performances against set KPIs and take corrective steps when deviations occur.

Provide robust financial analysis & support for all functions

Expense management (policies, processes and tools) in line with applied Group policies

Authorise expenditure request forms and payment approval within delegated authoritylimits.

Oversee maintenance of the fixed asset register for the business unit

Control operating expense through strict approval procedure for all amounts within prescribed limits. Monitor departmental expenses vis-à-vis budget on a monthly basis and follow-up negative variances.

Oversee the annual operating cash flow plans in line with the approved annual budgets
Business Management

Constructively challenge, input and maximise value in key business areas and drive exceptional business performance (raise the bar)

Drive robust planning processes to deliver strategic plans for the business.

Support Executive in identifying, evaluating and implementing projects which drive improved value in the in-market country business unit.

Constantly seek improved value from existing Business e.g. Value Chain Analysis, cost to serve, brand value engineering, CAPEX investment appraisal

Managing For Value (MFV) leader - Provide coaching support to Commercial teams and functions

Drive cost center variance reporting tracking overheads across the business to ensure control of overspends.

Quality of property management, procurement and administration policies and systems

Condition, usability and accuracy of records of the Bank properties.
Quality of project management during construction, acquisition or disposal of properties

Statutory compliance on all property related legislations, decrees and notices.

Quality of administrative systems

Quality of procurement policy and systems

Internal Controls Custodian

Embed IFRS across the business unit.

Co-ordinate all audit (internal/external/regulators) work in business.

Ensure compliance with statutory and other regulations

Prevention of exposure to and impact of risks inherent in all Finance functions.

People Performance

Set performance objectives for each member of the team in accordance with the Department’s overall objectives.

Regularly review performance to trigger feedback and prompt actions to ensure objectives for individuals and team are met. Such actions include recognition of outstanding performance, taking corrective measures, which may include coaching, mentoring, and training to develop new skills or attitudes.

Carry out performance appraisals to provide overall assessment for a set period of performance in a manner that enhances motivation and performance improvements.

Implement appropriate communication systems and forums which will ensure that:

The staff will be kept informed of the Bank’s business direction, and obtain support and knowledge to perform duties effectively.

There is on-going collaboration amongst the staff with other members of the Department, and with other relevant stakeholders in the Bank for the purpose of cultivating collective responsibility to achieve Bank’s business goals.

Build strong relationships externally


Organise, develop and maintain a Finance and Administration structure, staffed by high calibre and well-motivated staff utilising efficient, relevant and comprehensive controls to provide effective support to the business.

Develop and implement in line with Group policy, comprehensive and effective procedures and controls to safeguard the Bank’s business and assets.

Contribute to the development and management of a Business Continuity Plan and Data Security Plan for the Bank in order to guarantee continuation of services at all times.

Produce accurate financial reports in accordance with regulatory and statutory requirements.

Undertake the collation and analysis of all financial and operational information with a view to keeping Management and the Board updated on all trends within the Bank and the Group as an aid to decision making. Management of the Bank’s cost base.

Undertake financial evaluation of all Bank and Group projects and follow up to ensure implementation within agreed timescale and budgets.

Undertake Budgeting, Planning and collation of information for review of the Bank and Group’s Strategy.

Undertake efficient taxation management of the Bank financial operations.


Leadership to nurture and sustain employee satisfaction, and to manage changes.

Performance Management to optimise own and team's productivity

Organization development to effectively structure the department for optimal performance

Knowledge and experience in modern financial management and accounting practices in financial services industry to provide visionary guidance on strategic changes to support business performance.

Technical skills to effectively perform and/or guide performance of Finance & Administration activities/tasks in a manner that consistently achieves high quality standards or benchmarks.

Interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with and manage customer expectations (internal and external), and other stakeholders who impact performance.

Knowledge and effective application of all relevant banking policies, processes, procedures and guidelines to consistently achieve required compliance standards or benchmarks.

Business partner to set realistic and achievable growth strategies based on insights of competitive drivers, market trends and the business environment as a whole.

Self-empowerment to enable development of open communication, teamwork and trust that are needed to support performance and customer-service oriented culture.


A university degree in business or equivalent

Relevant professional qualifications in accounting and any requisite regulatory qualification by Central Bank.

MBA is an added advantage

Seven years experience post attainment of professional qualification, this includes five years experience in middle to senior management role

Experience in banking and/or other financial institutions would be added advantage.

Practical experience in use of relevant MS Office applications.

Good understanding of IFRS

Good understanding of taxation laws.

Deadline 31st March 2017

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