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Position Details: Operations Manager

Location: Entebbe, Uganda
Openings: 1


Our Client established in 2008 to provide clean accessible reliable energy through Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) with an aim of improving the lives of almost 26 million people in Uganda relying on biomass as a source of energy for cooking. Our Client is seeking to recruit an Operations Manager who will be reporting to the Managing Director.


 Profitability; To running day to day activities through solid management techniques, by helping to produce results and return on investment

 Increase sales; To set sales goal and monitor progress for achieving sales results

 People management; To place the right people in the right positions. 

 Product and services; To decide on the proper inventory levels because a product mix that sells and also earns a profit is vital for the success of Wana



Policy Formulation

Formulating policy is a core duty of an operations manager. Companies must operate and function on a daily basis within a prescribed set of guidelines. These guidelines are generally established by operations managers. These include but not limited to how different departments within the company communicate and cooperate with one another.


The planning of various company operations and activities. Operations managers tend to determine which products are bought and sold, what prices they are bought or sold for and to whom they will be marketed. The operations manager also helps plan and coordinate activities between various departments such as determining what types of sales promotions the company will engage in.

 Controlling Resources

Controlling major company resources. Operations managers oversee the implementation of payroll policies and procedures, how much employees are paid, how funds are allocated for benefits packages and how other funds are spent to keep the company operating smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Operations managers regularly review financial statements to ensure that the company is operating as efficiently and as profitably as possible.


Communicating with other management professionals within the organization to keep the company running smoothly, and communicating with other companies and organizations with which the company does business. Operations managers are responsible for putting together reports and financial statements that are essential for other top executives within the company or organization.


Must have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in business, finance or another field from a relevant University.

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