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Position Details: Sales Coordinator

Location: Entebbe, Uganda
Openings: 1


Our Client established in 2008 to provide clean accessible reliable energy through Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) with an aim of improving the lives of almost 26 million people in Uganda relying on biomass as a source of energy for cooking. Our Client is seeking to recruit a Sales Coordinator who will be reporting to the Operations Manager..




  • To running day to day activities through solid management techniques, by helping to produce results and return on investment


 Increase sales


  • To set sales goal and monitor progress for achieving sales results


 People management


  • To place the right people in the right positions. 


 Product and services


  • To decide on the proper inventory levels because a product mix that sells and also earns a profit is vital for the success of Wana



Sales Support

To help sales representatives improve their productivity and spend more time selling, sales coordinators provide a variety of support services. They contact customers and prospects to arrange appointments or make follow-up calls to confirm orders or delivery dates. They ensure that representatives have sufficient quantities of sales support material, such as product brochures or case studies. Sales coordinators also act as a first point of contact for urgent calls, emails and messages when sales representatives are not available.

 Order Satisfaction

Sales coordinators contribute to customer satisfaction by ensuring the accuracy and timely processing of orders. They handle orders by telephone, email or mail and check that they include correct prices, discounts and product numbers, contacting customers to resolve any queries. They input orders to the company’s computer system and ensure that orders are processed in line with customers’ delivery requirements. They inform customers of any delays and arrange alternative delivery dates.


Collaboration with other departments is an important responsibility for sales coordinators. They contact the technical department, for example, to deal with any product or technical queries. When they have processed orders, they contact colleagues in manufacturing and logistics to agree on delivery dates. To ensure that sales and marketing activities are integrated, they work closely with marketing. They arrange for the production of presentations and supporting material, such as technical papers or customer references, to help sales representatives win business.


Sales coordinators maintain sales records as a basis for reports to the senior management team. They prepare reports on sales by individual representatives, sales by product line and sales to individual customers. They also provide information to the finance department on incoming and completed orders as a basis for forecasting cash flow.


Must have a minimum of a diploma in administration, sales finance or another field from a relevant national institution and minimum of 2 years of  work experience

Knowledge, Skills and Experience (Essential):


  • Good organizational skills to coordinate all aspects of sales administration.
  • Must be able to work accurately with great attention to detail so that they process orders quickly and efficiently.
  • Good Communications Skills, working with other departments that are responsible for fulfilling orders or providing service to customer
  • Good clerical skills, together with computing and data entry skills



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