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Position Details: Fleet & Operations Manager

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Openings: 1


Our client is one of the leading transport and logistics companies in the East African and COMESA region. They are seeking to recruit a highly qualified person for the position of a Fleet and Operations Manager. This person Will be reporting to the Managing Director and Board of Directors.

  • To ensure the business is self-sustaining and to run the fleet profitably to maximize revenue and minimize costs while operating within all safety guidelines and budgets. 
  • To increase vehicle utilization by eliminating all obstacles in the process flows and immediately sourcing for new business & contracts.
  • To ensure value for money and drive down operations cost by 25% targeting fuel reduction & operational costs.
  • To be always on call including weekends to deal with any urgent matters that may arise and will be in charge of all day to day operations.
  • To have an in-depth grasp of the business/industry at large and a detailed and through understanding of the entire business cycle and improve the same to achieve desired targets. 
  • To be in a position to effectively direct and supervise operations team and ensure they share the company vision and focus. 
  • Must create effective synergies of an operations team and train the team to achieve operational targets.
  • To fully understand the TDMS (Tilton Data Management System) and execute all systems put in place while working together with management to develop the controls even further so that all loopholes are sealed and we run a professional fully corporate outfit.
  • Will be responsible to ensure said systems and data required is 100% compliant.
  •  Must build and protect the Tilton Brand Equity and effectively manage relations with all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Plan and coordinate monthly vehicle loading and trip schedules to achieve desired revenue targets while keeping the operation costs down.
  • Prepare allowance issue sheets in coordination with supervisors and ensure issuing of approved allowances.
  • Prepare fuel orders while ensuring correct issuing of fuel and observing all relevant guidelines and systems are in place. Carrying out monthly fuel reconciliation with Finance & Fleet Administration Assistant.
  • Plan, organize and direct all functions and activities related to procurement issuance of fuel, managing the fuel accounts at all times both own trucks and subcontracted trucks.
  • Coordinate all operations and direct resources and communications to ensure Company and vehicle needs are met and also ensure smooth and efficient coordination between field and office.
  • Supervise and evaluate the performance of fleet coordinator, fleet administrator & truck drivers on a monthly basis and submit a report. Will also be responsible for performance appraisals and disciplinary measure when required for the team.
  • Analyze and report on vehicles performance and issue recommendations.
  • Monitor organizational and fleet safety requirements and report infringements within 24 Hrs. Responsible for all H&S investigations and route cause analysis of any incidents. 
  • Must embrace a strong safety culture for all fleet and participate in the monthly health and safety committee meetings. 
  • Monitor the company fleet tracking system with the intention of eliminating driver abuse by vehicles- over speeding, free-wheeling and private cargo collection. 
  • Must ensure a status update is made after 3hours by the fleet administrator.
  • Interpret, issue, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures to fleet staff.  
  • Must also ensure compliance with all company and client policies especially in regards to safety and document handling. 
  • Establish and maintain cooperation and effective working relationships with others. 
  •  Must also identify and highlight any operational issues and potential problems or opportunities.
  • Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action. 
  • A quick problem solver.
  • Prepare comprehensive narrative and statistical monthly analysis/reports for management and also an extensive operations report for the quarterly BOD meetings. These reports include but are not limited to vehicle utilization and profitability, fuel analysis and reconciliations, R&M etc. and must be done per individual business unit and one collective analysis. He will partner with finance to generate the said reports.
  • Ensure the maintenance of variety of other reports, records and files related to assigned activities and maintain impeccably accurate vehicle and driver data and continue to build organizational memory.
  • Handle all operational communications and procedures between clients our field teams and office teams.
  • Identify potential clients with consistent and profitable business in the short run.
  •  Negotiating contracts & ensuring they balance value and risk.
  • Managing, monitoring and developing a team of competent drivers with a strong safety culture.
  • Developing and nurturing customer relationships.
  • Involved in strategic development and strategy making of the organization will  play a critical role together with Finance on budget/cashflow formulation both for short term and long run.
  • Be the first point of contact for all drivers
  • Will ensure company compliance of all transport policies, legislation and procedures to do with Loading and long distance haulage
  • Responsible for all of the dispatching, routing, and tracking of client consignment while on transit
  • Ensuring that capacity and capability are continually planned. Generating Journey Plans and Monitoring the follow up by drivers and generating monthly journey plan reports./Journey Management system drawing to avoid unsuitable roads and congested areas / Sensitizing the drivers on the Journey plans ./journey times/authorized routes/rest stops/briefing new drivers of the routes./Route hazard mapping  & doing frequent road patrols.
  • Encouraging, identifying and developing best practice operational strategy in line with the overall organizational strategies.
  • Good with Document Handling & Maintaining accurate operational records.
  • Any other duties as may be directed by the Board of Directors Managing Director and Executive Directors.
  •  Reports monthly and quarterly on Fuel Management, Repairs & Maintenance, Fleet Utilization etc.
  • Daily operational status updates on Trucks and Loadings.
  • Trucks profitability analysis reports that include maintenance, wear & tear and depreciation factors per individual unit in line with Finance Department.
  • Monthly Operations Budgets preparations and alignment to various budget variance analyses.
  • Preparing and submitting safety infringement and vehicle accident reports within 24 hrs. Efficient in strategy and planning, Board reporting and implementing Operation Strategy Plans put in place. Eliminate all inefficiencies in the business cycle. 
  • Responsible to maintain operations info needed for TDMS (Tilton Data Management System).
  • Must ensure the business operations and sales are not only fully self-sustaining but delivers a ROI to the shareholders.
  •  Monthly Fuel reconciliations and ensuring fuel procedures and protocols are followed by fuel suppliers. Sourcing for Business Development and key major clients as per targets.
  •  Sourcing for Subcontractors and managing subcon operations and fuel issuance and statement of accounts.
  • Ensuring balance of value and risk for Acquired Contracts and thorough route analysis.
  • Proven analytical and written presentation skills and ability to communicate to a number of internal and external stakeholders verbally and in writing.
  • Ability to identify potential problems before they occur. Proactive in preparation and uses initiative in response.
  • Ability to manage   day to day interactions with contracted external subcontractors & service providers and analyze their performance.
  • Demonstrated capacity for self-organization.
  • Computer skills, including internet navigation, and various office applications and well versed with Excel reporting.
  • Ability to Multi-Task, a juggler with an ability to balance everything to make the fleet program work efficiently because drivers will  want one thing, suppliers suggest something else, management has a variety of focus areas (fuel economy, safety, depreciation, image, etc.
  • Must be a master of time management. 
  • Goal-Oriented should be a   goal setter. Goal-oriented in all aspects of fleet management and with an ability to employ metrics to continually benchmark productivity, vehicle downtime, fleet utilization, and effective management of both fixed and operating costs. 
  • Lifelong Learner  by  regularly attending  fleet management seminars and read industry publications to keep pace with best practices & an  active member  in industry associations & motivated to attain professional certifications & with an ability to share this knowledge to his direct reports.
  • Leadership with an ability to   lead and coach & committed to leadership by example. Ability to inspire a team toward a common purpose or vision & must possess a passion for success and understand they are a role model.
  • Business Acumen: Ability to read and interpret P&L sheets and other financial documents. Strong accounting skills and financial aptitude, knowhow of where the “numbers” come from and their importance to fleet. 
  • High Ethical Standards.  Must maintain very high ethical standards need to be honest to the core.
  • Ability to make decisive decisions, large and small can make quick, calculated, cost-effective, and fact-based decisions. People Person. Ability to interact with people at all levels of a company. Need to have a great rapport with every level of management. 
  • Professionalism & having a “can-do” attitude and disposition. 
  • Ability to Effectively Present to Senior Management.  Strong presentation skills, both in putting together effective reports and delivering them to keep upper management informed. 
  •  Team Player
  • Multitasker
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team leadership abilities
  • Good interpersonal skills/Emotional Intelligence

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