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Position Details: Restaurant Manager

Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Openings: 1


Position                             Manager, Restaurant

Level                                 Manager

Department                       Food & Beverage

Reports to                         Executive Chef

Subordinates                     Restaurant Assistant Manager, Team Leader, Hostess, Bartenders, F&B Attendants

Job Summary

Required to entertain, engage and plan bespoke activities. Implement One&Only minimum standards, food & beverage offerings, bespoke afternoon tea and picnics. Coach and train all colleagues. Maintain professional code of conduct at all time.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Develop a series of food and beverage activity in conjunction with the Executive Chef.

Develop a food and beverage marketing plan.

Ensure all Hygiene minimum standards are in line with HACCP certification.

Quality and consistency of food and beverage are kept at the highest level possible.

Develop and implement bespoke Afternoon Tea.

Develop and implement bespoke picnics for all meal periods.

Create a wine and beverage list in compliance with One&Only minimum standards.

Develop and implement four dinner experiences with theme nights.

Train and Coach all colleagues with the One&Only minimum standards.

Demonstrates excellent product knowledge.

Organize daily operation meeting. 

Develop KPIs for each of the Colleagues in your department.

Conducts performance appraisals.

Develop and implement all SOP in line with the One&Only minimum standards.

Maintain complete knowledge and strictly keep to local liquor regulations, particularly those prohibiting service to minors.

Check storage areas for proper supplies, organization and cleanliness. Instruct designated personnel to rectify any cleanliness/organization deficiencies.

Establish par levels for supplies and equipment. Complete requisitions to replenish shortages or additional items needed for the anticipated business.

Requisition linens/skirting required for business and assign staff to transport and store such to proper areas.

Make weekly schedule in accordance with staff assignment guidelines and business forecast. Adjust schedule to comply with any needs.

Ensure all Colleagues are working as scheduled.

Coordinate breaks for Colleagues.

Check areas for cleanliness, proper furnishings and equipment. Instruct and rectify deficiencies with respective Colleagues.

Implement and maintain par stocks in all area for food and beverage product.

Implement and maintain par stocks in all area for operating equipment.

Develop and maintain a stewarding decoy system in line with One&Only minimum standards.

Assign Colleagues to stations according to requirements and departmental standards.

Assign work and side duties to staff in accordance with department procedures.

Communicate additions or changes as they arise throughout the shift. Identify situations, which compromise the department standard and rectify those.

Prepare station assignments according to department standard. Hold a line-up with service Colleagues to share and review the LQA standards, day’s work, set-up, and information on the groups.

Inspect grooming and attire of Colleagues. Rectify any deficiencies.

Check, plan and ensure all equipment, wares, and service carts are ready for service. Rectify any deficiencies with respective Colleagues.

Check table set-up. Make sure of its cleanliness and neatness meeting requirements and department standard. Rectify any deficiencies with respective Colleagues.

Check bar set-up for cleanliness, organization and agreement with group requirements and department standard; resolve any problems.

Assist Colleagues with their job to ensure optimum service to guests.

Observe guest reactions and confer frequently with service staff to ensure guest satisfaction.

Anticipate guests’ needs respond promptly and acknowledge all guests under any situations. Work to build positive relationship with guests.

Be familiar with all hotel service/features and local attractions/activities to respond accurately to any guest inquiry.

Monitor and handle guest complaints by following the instant pacification procedures and ensuring guest satisfaction. Ability to solve guests’ dissatisfaction and answer all guests’ correspondence by mail, email and telephone or facsimile to ensure guests satisfaction (within 24 hours at the latest for written document).

Maintain cleanliness of equipment, supplies, working areas and condition.

Answer telephone within 3 rings, using correct salutations and telephone etiquettes.

Ensure all duties are completed before Colleagues sign out.

Carry out formal training program once a week to meet job standard.  Hold department orientation for new Colleagues. Continue training for existing Colleagues.

Give feedback to Colleagues on their duty. In accordance with hotel standard, manage problems against the rules or hold counseling with Colleagues.

Work to create better a working environment and raise motivation and productivity of Colleagues to maximum level.

Submit repair orders to Engineer when necessary.

Record pertinent information in logbook.

Complete all paperwork and closing duties in accordance with department standard.

Examine current state of work and work handed over to manager/supervisor of next shift.

Complete training and certification check list.

Propose “Capex” items lists and follow up on their implementation.

Ensure proper storage of items to be kept accordingly to security and safety procedures.

Ensures excellent communication and working relationships with Colleagues are maintained and contribute to the team spirit. 

Skills, Experience, Training & Educational Requirements

A Degree, Diploma or recognized training in relevant area of study.

Training in P.R. or guest services is relevant but not essential. 

Specialized Knowledge

Any of the following specialized areas of interest, ability or training would be relevant:

1) Guest Service Experience

2) PMS System

3) P&L financial awareness


At least 2 years working experience in a supervisory position relevant to the job requirements.

Experience in a similar resort would be a strong recommendation.

A drivers’ license and certification in First Aid will assist the Colleague.

Individual experiences

The Colleague should have one or more of the following abilities/experiences/traits:

1) English, plus fluency in a foreign language is an advantage.

2) A First Aid certification.

Core Values & Competencies

Blow Away The Customer

I care and work towards exceeding the expectations of my customers

I am proactive and deliver unique and everlasting memories for our customers

Develop Passionate and Committed People

I am committed to being thoughtful towards our colleagues

I am passionate about my role  

Continuously Strive for Perfections (good enough never is)

I constantly seek new ways and ideas to improve what I do

I am inspired to make a difference

Achieve Sustainable Bottom Line Performance

I am honest and fair

I take responsibility and contribute towards the financial performance of where I work

Functional competencies


I present a professional image according to established standards


I adapt my communication to the audience and the message to be delivered

I am able to develop effective written communications

Functional Skills & Knowledge

I understand the full scope of my duties and demonstrate initiative

I take responsibility for my actions

Planning & Organizing

I set realistic goals both for myself and my colleagues in line with company strategies

I am capable of handling multiple priorities effectively

Team Management & Development (Influencing & Working with Others)

I devote time in training and coaching each colleague

I conduct regular performance management discussions for my colleagues and monitor their progress

Where Colleagues do not have anyone to supervise,
then the competency will be replaced by with the following 2 behaviors:

I am able to influence others when required to speak and present ideas

I am able to work with other colleagues and departments effectively

Problem Solving & Decision Making

I have the ability to involve all the appropriate people to resolve problem in the business.

I proactively facilitate prompt and appropriate decision making

Innovation & Creativity

I regularly seek new opportunities for change

I assist in resolving resistance to change

Application Deadline : 2-August-2017


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