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Position Details: Forestry Plant Manager

Location: Kampala, East Africa
Openings: 1


Our client is a value added timber products business with operations in Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda and the largest commercial timber species planter in East Africa. The business is growing rapidly and there is a large focus on diversifying product streams, broadening the customer base, and ratcheting the commercial side of the business and the organization's market positioning.

Our client therefore seeks to recruit a highly competent and qualified candidate for the vacancy above

Purpose of the  position
Leading subsidiary’s forestry operations in a sustainable and responsible manner to create value for all shareholders and stakeholders. The Forestry Manager (FM) is accountable for all strategic and operational management functions of all Uganda Forestry operations and pole sourcing including cost control and systems management for the unit. The FM will be ultimately responsible for the performance of all plantations in the country through the effective management of plantation managers and staff through strategic direction, guidance, performance management, coaching and development. The FM would be stationed at Namwasa plantation and would be responsible for the direct management of the plantation. The plantation Managers of Luwunga and Kirinya plantations would report directly to the FM.  Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer  of the country operation and indirectly/functionally reporting to the Group Head of Forestry.

Key Result  Areas and accountabilities

1. Quality Management, assessment  and re-engineering  of processes to optimize the utilization of resources in the business:
  • IM S& management, prescription implementation  and  monitoring on all plantations          
  • Obtain and maintain relevant accreditations for all  plantation activities I.e. FSC Carbon         Deploy effective planning principles  to ensure the effective use of all resources especially communal resources in plantations   
  • Conduct regular 10% audits as per Group  Head of Forestry guidelines and keep records 
  • Interact with the company contractors on a frequent basis to ensure quality guidelines and prescriptions are enforced at plantation level  
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement, accountability efficiency, bottom line results effective employee engagement and constant communication up and down within the organization 
  • Internal Reporting 
  • Weekly and monthly reporting according to guidelines from Group Head of Forestry 
  • Preparation and delivery of presentations to Senior Management
2. Delivery (Efficiency, cost reduction & productivity)     
  •  Direct Management of the Namwasa plantation – silviculture Operations (Nursery Establishment, site preparation, plantation Establishment Maintenance contractor Management, Financial management and management reporting, People Management, Compliance and Statutory Requirements.
  • Effective management of the silviculture value chain & all plantation infrastructures of the complete Uganda Forestry Operations.
  • End to end responsibility for nurseries, clearing establishment maintenance, protection and harvesting (thinning and clear fell ) in the country operation according to the agreed APO and budgets
  • Effective management of all forestry building, roads, equipment and vehicles to meet operational requirements within agreed budgets.
  • Ensure that all seed/seedlings, fertilizers, work tools, PPE etc. is available in time and as per agreed APO to facilitate successful silviculture operations
  • Work closely with the planning team to ensure effective research trials, enumeration and road making.
  • The duties of the FM would necessitate frequent travelling to Luwunga and Kirinya.
  • Delivery of quality raw wood products to the company's processing facilities.
  • Delivery of quality wood from own plantation or 3rd
  • Party suppliers to the company operational facilities as per the facility’s need.
  • Oversee and monitor all logistics to facilitate delivery of product.
  • Manage relationships, cost negotiations and production of 3rd
  • Party suppliers to ensure timely delivery of wood. This will include the provision of alternative harvesting methods/teams and alternative sources to facilitate sufficient supply.
  • Project Management:
  • Leading all current and new projects to meet operational expectations within a cost effective and time efficient framework. This could include establishment of new plantations; early revenue projects; deployment of new systems or procedures; and CSR projects operationalisec on plantation (out grower schemes, clinics, and apiculture projects).
3. Risk Management               
  • The Forestry manager is responsible for the identification and pro-active management of all potential risks to the Ugandan forestry assets. This include but  is not limited to:
  • Protection of plantation & plantation assets by implementing relevant management prescription related
  • Regular review of all required mechanism to mitigate only fire risks 
  • Detailed Reporting & investigation of any encroachment grazing or small grower activities on plantations
  • Work with  the CSFR  Department to initiate CSR projects mitigating risks at community level
  • Proactive management of all pests and diseases
  • Deploying of relevant measures to meet health and safety standard
  • Track and interpret rainfall data to ensure well managed planting seasons and mortality issues.
  • Be well informed of any potential political risks which could impact on plantation assets and  deploy mitigating strategies in conjunction with the Group Head of Forestry 
  • Manage  any reputational risk proactively 
  • Ensure compliance to relevant laws in the tax & statutory payment, forestry, water, Agriculture and labor spheres.
  • Management of any compensation payments and relevant documentation where land is appropriate to the company.
  • Manage any deviations from the company to maintain accreditation.
4. People & Partnership
  • Establish credibility with the local community, surrounding organizations and the wider forestry market place as an effective market leader and developer of sustainable forestry and forest product solutions in a profitable business model.
  • Lead sensitive relationships with government, districts and other key stakeholders.
  • Build and maintain relations with National Forest Associations; Forestry communities;SPGS or any similar NGO’s operating in the forestry  sphere who could provide benefits to the business. 
  • Build relationships with universities and other institutions offering  tuition in forestry to ensure positioning of the company as an employer.
  • Effective people management practices and performance management not in operation.
  • Lead country Plantation Management Teams through visible and participative leadership practices.
  • Conduct 10% audits in planta6ion  to provide remedial feedback. 
  • Implement the 100day project concept to ensure consistent.
  • Be visible  and available through regular plantation visits and management by walk about (MBWA).
  • Liaise with the HR Department to conduct sound & robust recruitment to employ suitable candidates to the team.
  • Motivate, encourage and engage the local team  for their contributions. 
  • Leverage internal resources through nurturing and consistent mentoring and training. 
  • Establish consistent and fair performance  management practices.
  • Ensure compliance with local labor legislation.
  • Facilitate sound recordkeeping related to all staff matters i.e. leave management, overtime excellence rewards etc.
  • Maintain good relationships with contractors to ensure appropriate employment practices are followed for all labourers.
5.      Market penetration (margins, revenue, products)               
  • Supporting the Commercial Department of the business with accurate cost and delivery information to ensure realistic supply & demand expectations.
  • Support product development to ensure relevant and appropriately priced products are produced for the local and export market
  • Assist senior management in understanding the local market and positioning company product & delivery well to further business interests.
6.   Profits (work toward self – sustainability as a business).
  • Comprehensive management of the finances of the forestry operations including regular reporting, analysis and budget management.
  • Regular analysis variances and management of remedial interventions.
  • Management of the subsidiary’s forestry operation within allocated budget and spending guidelines.
  • Deploy best practice for all procurement activities to ensure appropriate quality. 
Skills, knowledge & competencies required to perform this role
  • Sound incomes statement and balance sheet management capability 
  • Excellent knowledge and demonstrated experience of the management of a comprehensive forestry operation
  • Excellent leadership and management ability. A proven track record as a leader  ,or manager of project teams or multi-party stakeholder processes
  • Well-developed interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written communications; sound presentation skills
  • Entrepreneurial team player , willing to contribute in multiple ways in startup environment that presents challenges
  • Strong quantitative skills analytical confortable leading the organization  financial &silviculture issues
  • Well develop project management skills
  • Strong integrity and ethics and firm understanding of corporate responsibility reporting
  • Analytical ability to consider complex information and make an informed recommendation
  • Advance knowledge of excel
  • Good  networker with the ability to develop and create networks  amongst the forestry  community
  • Sensitive to cultural  differences with the ability to understand and adopt to these
  • Ability to work across functionalities and divisions
  • Commitment to a strong governance operating framework with up compromising ethical values
  • Knowledge of African working environment and culture
  • Proven ability to lead  a diverse team and operationalize business plans through teamwork
  • Proven ability to manage delivery schedules 
  • Demonstrated ability to participate in the senior management team
  • Ability to deliver comprehensive performance reports (verbal &written )
  • Experience in creating an environment that fosters learning,feedback,open communication
  • Understanding of the negotiation processes with local communities
  • Basic understanding  of the legislative framework of the country of operation
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Available to travel and spend some time out of main location
Qualifications & professional registration:
  • A relevant University/college degree in Forestry will be essential.
  • AMBA or further management qualification will be a distinct advantage.
  • Any studies in project management; leadership training will be an advantage.
Year of experience required to perform this role:
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in regional forestry management with full exposure to all facets in the value chain, including nursery management, silviculture operations, harvesting and logistics.
Span of control:
  • People: Comprehensive Country forestry team.
  • Assets: All subsidiary assets on plantation & at harvesting operations
Key stakeholders & level of people interacting with:
  • Country CEO, Head Office Exco, Group Chief  Executive Officer, Group Head of Forests, Group Chief Financial Officer, Group CSR, Group HR, Planning Manager
  • Other Country General  Managers
  • Local business partner
  • Local Forestry associations
  • Customers and suppliers
  • Relevant Government and Private Industry stakeholders
  • Country team
Financial Responsibility:
  • High risk – lack of growth & yield, loss of investment due to poor appropriation of funds.
Decisions that the position holder will take with assistance from their line manager:
  • Following are some of the issues that must be adhered to:
  • Board level approvals and overall strategy agreements.
  • Adhering to the Group Authority Limits Policy
  • Over expenditure on budget 
  • Any requested visits to your business, apart from government visit, must be approved by the Regional CEO  or the Head of Forestry
  • Funds re-allocation (moving opex or apex funds between activities)
  • Any other issues with a financial implication must be channeled through the Regional CEO 
  • All budgeted capex expenditure must be applied for through the capex authorization process
  • All resignations, recruitment, employment, placement must be channeled through the Regional CEO
  • All suggested wages and salary proposals must be motivated to Regional CEO and Group HOHR before implementation
  • Private usage of company vehicle
  • Basically instil a discipline of ‘’one level up’’ approval
Risk associated with this position
  • High company’s future ability to generate revenues & position itself competitively.
  • Forestry asset can be compromised by poor management of plantation, community relationships and/or government relations.

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