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Position Details: Environment Project Manager

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Openings: 1


Job Summary


  • An environmental project manager handles the entire proceedings of an environment protection project of an organization, and strikes the perfect balance between organizational profitability and environmental health. Environment protection projects are varied in nature and processes, and it requires extreme expertise to handle such projects efficiently.


Key Responsibilities

The key responsibilities of an environmental project manager comprise:


  • Carrying out site investigations, collecting, processing, and evaluating the off-site and on-site data, processing and interpretation of chemical, geographical, and geological data for preparing environmental reports and work plans accordingly
  • Coordinating with external scientists, engineers, and other regulators for planning the project, providing technical assistance to environmental engineers and program managers for project designing, and maintaining the project standards as per the guidelines by regulatory authorities
  • Preparing internal reports for staff members of the organization and analyzing the environmental progress report in accordance with other organizational operations
  • Coordinating with suppliers, fieldwork coordinators, subcontractors, and other field staff, supervising the field work for accomplishing the project work for the organization
  • Managing other procedures of environmental project handling, preparing budget and financial reports as per the organizational guidelines, and keeping track of finance and budget while preparing tenders for contractors
  • Managing the contract discussions with third party contractors, local planning authorities, and other project specific personnel for carrying out the project responsibilities efficiently
  • Coordinating with environmental regulatory authorities for obtaining the upgraded environmental compliance guidelines and work accordingly for accomplishing the project responsibilities
  • Managing the environmental aspects of the project which comprise of interpretation of environmental permits and other project related documents, developing the plans as per environmental compliance policies, coordinating with regulatory authorities and assuring them about the compliance policies adopted by the organization.
  • Managing the inspection processes at the workplace for ensuring the health and safety of workers working with hazardous substances
  • Prepare an accurate project report with complete documentation for getting project approval of the environmental regulatory authorities.


Required Qualifications and Skills


  • Bachelor's degree in geology, environmental engineering, environmental science, or other related scientific / technical field, though a master's degree in the same is preferred mostly.
  • Working knowledge of environmental laws and legislations.
  • Relevant working experience in Oil and gas fields.
  • Oral, written, and verbal communication
  • Basic computer skills are also necessary for using environment related computer softwares.



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