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Position Details: Supervisor Clinical Services

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Openings: 1


Our client a private model health care facility started in 1983 with over 30 years of experience in provision of medical services to individuals, families and corporate organizations/institutions, is currently seeking for a very talented, experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff for the position of Supervisor  Clinical Services to boost the team.

Reports to: Manager Clinical Services.

Job Role: To develop, review and monitor the processes, procedures, and guidelines that foster an integrated approach by the Medical team in the development of staff training, professional performance standards, patient safety and customer service in the provision of continuous quality services in line with departmental guidelines and SOPs.

Key Result Area:
  1. Review; make recommendation and monitor the implementation of Medical Services policies SOPs and guidelines for the Medical Services Department in the promotion of an integrated approach to quality services.
  2. Provide clinical operational supervision and oversight for the Hospital in accordance with the Medical Services mission, SOP and guidelines. 
  3. Coordinate Continuous Medical Education, case conferences, and follow up on clinical identified training gaps with HR department organizational mission values and guidelines.
  4. Conduct studies and clinical audits to reinforce good clinical practices and value added processes and procedures within the medical care department in line with the organizational mission.
  5. Develop, appraise, support and maintain a competent team of the Front desk services through giving constructive feedback, coaching and mentoring, in accordance with the human resource manual.
  6. Capture data for all OPD clients received and discharged, follows up individual patients need both physically and on phone and prepares reports in line with Front desk guidelines.
  7. Process and follow up Emergency care requests from clients on phone and from the Hospital's in line with Medical Services Departmental guidelines.
  8. Review and monitor the capturing data for all Special Clinics and pilot projects e.g. Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) and Infectious Disease Institute (IDI) and prepare and submit weekly reports as per the clinic/project requirements.
Key technical competences:
  1. Benchmark clinical operations with the best practices and document gaps in current Medical care processes, procedures and practices. 
  2. Implement and put in place mechanisms to monitor implementation of approved processes, procedures and practices.
  3. Welcome and usher in clients.
  4. Receive Clients and give them timely attention.
  5. Update and maintain a daily client census
  6. Capture data on patients attended to and those discharged
  7. Schedule appointments\ Liaison between patients and Doctors.
  8. Monitor the timely retrieval and securing of patients medical records and files.
  9. Monitor the answering of incoming calls and deal with inquiries.
  10. Handle and maintain a flow of information, respond and comply with request for information by clients.
  11. Conduct mini surveys of patient waiting time.
  12. Expedite processes for discharged patients. 
  13. Assign staff to manage Emergency requests and receive their reports. (Develop reporting template for Ambulance).
  14. Capture data for all the Hospital's special clinics and projects and prepare reports in respective reporting form.
  15. Requisition medical forms, patient’s forms, insurance forms and office stationary for OPD.
  16. Requisition drinking water cups and water. 
  17. Safeguard patients’ privacy and confidentiality.
  18. Follow up on patients diagnostic requests e.g. Laboratory and Radiology in cases where they are delayed.
  19. Approve staff duty and annual leave plan and schedules.
  20. Monitor updates on the Front desk white board with Doctors on duty and Specialists time table. 
  21. Provide clinical supervision to all medical staff interns, volunteers and administrative staff.
  22. Liaise with Emergency Unit for triage services.
  23. Identify and document staff training needs and prepare report to HR department.
  24. Appraise staff.
  25. Manage appointment systems and track patient notes.
  26. Follow up on discharged patient and facilitate their timely clearance of Hospital bills.
  27. Monitor maintenance of clean and organized Front Desk environment.
  28. Responsible for all licensing requirements and annual inspections. 
  29. Monitor Front desk staff handover reports.
  30. Inspect and monitor functionality of OPD computers, phones, Smart Card Machines, Clinic Master system and medical equipment and cause action where necessary.
  31. Prepare a work schedule and monitor staff to offer Ambulance services and Emergency care services. 
  32. Prepare quality reports.
  33. Attend CMEs and any organization Development.
Critical Outputs and outcomes
  1. Approved benchmarked processes and practices.
  2. Procedures to monitor implementation of approved benchmarked practices and process in place.
  3. Timely and welcoming attention to clients.
  4. Report on client census.
  5. Report on patients who are registered and go away without treatment.
  6. Appointment schedules.
  7. Record of inquiries and queries. 
  8. Record of information asked for.
  9. Report on patient waiting time.
  10. Report on Ambulance operations.
  11. Reports on all the Hospital's special clinics and projects.
  12. All OPD stations equipped with required forms and drinking water at all times.
  13. Staff monthly duty schedule. 
  14. Approved leave plan and schedule.
  15. Up to date Doctors and Specialists’ timetable.
  16. Timely and accurately triaged patients.
  17. List of staff training needs.
  18. List of trained staff monitored and evaluated.
  19. Staff appraised and report submitted to HR department.
  20. Clients updated with information with regard to what they expect from the process.
  21. A clean and organized OPD environment.
  22. Signed and approved handover reports.
  23. Ambulance schedule and reports.
  24. Special clinics and project reports prepared
Critical outcomes
  1. Reduced patient complaints and increased patient compliments.
  2. Reduced patient waiting time.
  3. Clear, transparent and fast patient flow processes.
  4. Increased patient in flow.
  5. Improved services thus increased income.
  6. Satisfied clients
  7. Clean working environment.
  8. Motivated front desk staff and improved team work.
  9. Increased networking, increased projects and special clinics.
Job Specifications: 
  1. The job holder should have; 1) Bachelor’s Degree. 
  2. Candidates with a medical background or experience working in a health facility have an added advantage. 
  3. At least Five (5) years relevant experience in a similar position, three (3) of which at supervisory level. 
  4. Proven track record of successfully managing teams outside direct reporting control is a must. 
  5. Management of Healthcare or medical device industry experience required. 
Critical Competencies:
  1. Demonstrated success in influencing senior leaders/ decision-making in a highly complex, matrix organization.
  2. Highly analytical, consultative approach to problem solving.
  3. Comfortable/thrives in ambiguous/rapidly-evolving situations.
  4. Superior communication/collaboration skills.
  5. Maintains perspective/focus on key priorities for the overall Medical care department and maintain key priorities.

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