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Position Details: General Manager - Plant Operations

Location: Kampala, Uganda
Openings: 1


Our client is one of the leading Electricity Distribution and Grid Management Company in Uganda with ambitious expansion plans based on its past growth record.

Position Dimensions:
  • Reports to the C.E.O
  • Directly Supervises: Primary Production & Warehousing Staff, Senior Production Manager and Engineering Services Manager
  • Internal Liaisons: General Managers, Service Managers and all plant Employees
  • External Liaisons: Contractors
Primary Objective:
The General Manager - Plant Operations is responsible for general management of all phases of plant operations including: primary processing, production, engineering, maintenance and product warehousing. Responsibilities also include recruiting, hiring and training personnel and facility/physical plant up-keep and capital improvements. In addition the position is responsible for annual budget planning and execution. The position works closely with primary processing, production, engineering and maintenance teams to increase productivity and profitability within the concrete plant of the company.

Key Duties:
  • Provide executive leadership and guidance for all departments: Production, Operations, Technical, Maintenance, Sales, Finance, Human Resources and other departments.
  • Identifying wastages, ensuring effective operation management, managing major cost drivers, stock availability, macro-update on production planning, labor issues, assessment of work processes, people and technology.
  • Manage production departments overall performance, their production outputs on maximum levels, clear technical knowledge of the plants working, maintaining figures and variances in maintenance, cost control and production output  optimization.
  • Ensure alignment of people, process and technology and consistent working towards its synchronization and optimization for effective and profitable working of the company.
  • Establish and guide the whole team, institute appropriate systems for project execution and ensuring that the team decisions have the tools and information they need to make timely and profitable decision.
  • Closely monitor the project and review and approve all changes affecting the accuracy, validity and appropriate supporting documentation and authorization.
  • Ensure control procedures and reporting are performed on a timely basis.
  • Responsible for budgeting and business development, credit control and finance management, developing bold marketing, company structure, company policies, job description, providing training program to develop the team.
  • Maintain plant site security systems. 
Quality Systems:
  • Work closely with the People and Performance Manager/Occupational Health and Safety Manager to ensure all members of responsibility of this role are aware of safety requirements, both legislative and the company’s policies/procedures, to provide a safe workplace for our employees
  • Maintain and support a superior safety and housekeeping program, including all timely communication initiatives
  • Promote the proactive reporting of workplace hazards identified during the course of work to the appropriate person, following standard operating procedures
  • Ensure adherence to the relevant quality standards, confer with the appropriate company personnel on application of methods, production standards and safety programs
  • Notify relevant authorities of serious or reportable incidents which may jeopardize public health or the Quality Assurance arrangement ensuring that the CEO is aware of such incidents in real time
  • Responsible for ensuring the Business  Continuity Plan, in consultation with the Chief Executive, is current and that regular drills are conducted with a view to maintaining  continuity in the event of an emergency
Accountability & Authenticity:
The General Manager - Operations is responsible and accountable for the day to day running of all aspects of the manufacturing plant at Oculoi. The role is responsible for managing the companies fixed and loose assets located at this facility.

Knowledge, Qualification & Experience:
  • A Bachelors Degree in Mechanical/ Civil Engineering and at least 10 years experience in the Concrete industry.
  • Masters in Business Administration will be an added advantage.
  • Previous experience/strong understanding of budgeting/expense management with a basic understanding of financial and accounting practices
  • Strong computer skills including the ability to prepare spreadsheets and use Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and/or Access) to analyze data and treads
  • Previous experience/best practices implementing and using continuous improvement/lean tools such as; Six Sigma, 5-S, Lean Manufacturing, Transactional Lean, etc to drive improvement
  • Previous experience/broad understanding of safety systems and enforcement of safety rules and policies  Good administration, public relations and management skills to enhance overall operations.
Interpersonal Skills:
  • Demonstrated strong leadership, team building and advanced coaching skills and be able to get excellent performance from their support staff
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate people, assess and develop employee skills
  • Ability to work with teams and lead decision-making processes in a team environment
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and listening ability
  •  Ability to delegate responsibility, organize each department and possess an ability to understand the work of each department.
Management Skills:
  • Demonstrated understanding of the principles and applications associated with manufacturing operations, maintenance and engineering
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills, with the ability to balance production, maintenance and customer needs
  • A strong ability to be adaptable and flexible
  • Strong analytical and decision-making skills
  • Highly motivated, result oriented, and driven individual
Key Performance Indicators:
  • Achievement of business plan objectives
  • Production efficiency and performance targets are met consistently
  • Plant chain line downtime maintained below set targets
  • Corrective actions recorded from external quality audits to be below set standards
  • Customer complaints relating to plant operations to be below set targets
  • 80% staff satisfaction rating for leadership and management
  • 80% satisfaction rating by other Business & Service Unit managers for inter-function co-operation
  • Proactively identify, monitor and address staffing issues within your team with the assistance of HR where required
  • Maintain all plant assets loose and fixed to a high standard within budget constraints
  • Delivery of a quality product at a cost effective price
  • Once weekly recorded tool box meetings with [Division] senior personnel
  • Monthly recorded work group briefings with[Division] senior personnel, including briefing of relevant policies and procedures
  • Business Unit and Service Unit Managers service performance/inter-function co-operation
  • Accurate and timely reporting of all relevant matters

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