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Position Details: Maintenance Manager

Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Openings: 1


Under the supervision of the General Manager of the hotel, the Maintenance Manager schedules and co-ordinates all maintenance activities and preventive maintenance for the technical facilities in the hotel, in conformity with the hotel’s regulations and procedures. He/she also reports on his/her activities to the Group Technical Department, in particular within the scope of periodic reporting (weekly and monthly). 


The Maintenance Manager schedules, implements or ensures implementation of all necessary actions for the proper functioning of equipment and technical installations in the hotel. For this purpose, he or she:

Supervises the hotel’s technical facilities and maintenance of green spaces.

Coordinates repairs to be carried out with the different departments whilst prioritizing customer service

Ensures that interventions effected by the team, if not urgent in nature, are implemented quickly and efficiently whilst maintaining a peaceful atmosphere for the customer and ensuring customer safety

Organizes his or her department to ensure a 24/7 maintenance service

Consults, schedules and monitors the service providers who provide maintenance and periodic, mandatory visits, a list of which is communicated by Group Technical Department

Archives and updates all technical documentation for the hotel

Evaluates preventive maintenance services which need to be outsourced, on the basis of the technical documentation and skills of his or her team, then makes proposals to the General Manager and Group Technical Department for approval

Ensures monitoring of external services, making sure that schedules are complied with, tasks properly executed, action files completed with information and matters for attention flagged up

Regularly checks technical facilities to prevent any malfunction and maintains these at a high level of quality in accordance with maintenance procedures prepared by Group Technical Services

Immediately informs the General Manager and Group Technical Department of any major or sudden occurrence which could endanger people, the integrity of the building and/or its major equipment

Ensures continuity of IT services (MATV, CCTV, Wi-Fi, etc.)

Makes an inventory of technical stock in accordance with the programme established and reports to Group Technical Department in his/her monthly report

Ensures procurement of the necessary products and equipment for the work of the team

Provides monthly reports to the General Manager and to Group Technical Department in accordance with the procedures issues by the latter

Fosters high-quality relationships with suppliers and external service providers

Administrative and legal responsibilities

The Maintenance Manager, by delegation of the Hotel Director, ensures oversight of the legal obligations inherent in the activity, and, in particular:

Ensures, at all times, that emergency exits and fire exits are unobstructed

Organizes (in coordination with the Management and HR) training for all staff on fire-fighting with the help of approved agencies, and fire drills

Applies hotel emergency procedures and risk prevention procedures

Schedules and implements monitoring of obligatory checks by approved agencies

Retains and can supply, at any time, written evidence of actions in all areas of safety and all service provider interventions

As such, she or he has a technical responsibility and liability 

Team management des équipes / Interdepartmental coordination

The Maintenance Manager manages his/her team in compliance with administrative and legal procedures:

Prepares time sheets for handy men under the supervision of the general management, and organizes the work of his/her team

Applying labor legislation and the Hotel’s HR procedures

Promotes employee skills development and supports employees with their professional development: conducting regular appraisals of his or her employees, identifying areas for development and training needs and ensuring that such training is carried out

Providing annual appraisal interviews and setting employee objectives

Participating in the recruitment of staff for his/her team, approving recruitments

Organizing the welcome and induction of new employees

Increasing motivation and team cohesion by creating a pleasant working environment

Ensuring that the most-qualified individual is appointed where there is a job vacancy - as far as possible, this should be an internal promotion. 

He/she ensures coordination and representation of his/her department to other departments and to the GM:

Ensures efficient communication with the other departments and Heads of Department

Assisting with management meetings and feeds back information to departmental meetings

In collaboration with the General Manager, provides for an organization able to compensate for his/her absence in the event of an emergency

Informs the general management of equipment in need of attention (decoration,renovation,maintenance), and, for all refurbishment works or purchases necessitating the intervention of external consultants, submits a presentation to Group Technical Department for prior approval.

Economic management

Ensures “preventive” maintenance management of equipment with the aim of reducing costly breakdowns for the establishment

Participates in preparing investment budgets, maintenance budgets and operating budgets for his or her department, and monitors these with monthly reporting to the GM and Group Technical Department

Alerts his or her Line Manager immediately if expensive equipment is malfunctioning

Ensures the quality of external service providers used as required by the department

Checks daily energy consumption (water, electricity, gas) using indicator readings (Counters), and the temperatures of cold-storage rooms.

Health and safety, security, environmental protection 

Is accountable for the cleanliness of his/her team’s place of work: ensuring that all technical areas are clean and tidy at all times

Ensures that his or her teams are well-presented at all times (clothing, bodily hygiene, etc.), taking care to represent the hotel well to customers, hygiene and safety being constant preoccupations

Is responsible for the maximum safety (of equipment and people) in the areas within his or her scope of responsibility

Applies and ensures application of basic health and safety rules (fire regulations, etc.)

Ensures that products used for technical interventions are identifiable by appropriate labelling

Ensures that the entire team carries out its work with environmental protection in mind: saving energy (lighting, equipment settings, and maintenance), being responsive where leaks occur, being vigilant to avoid excessive water consumption, being vigilant when using, storing and removing chemical products used for interventions, etc.

Basic training and professional experience:

Specialized higher education qualification with knowledge of hotel-restaurant equipment and operations

3 to 5 years’ experience as a Maintenance Manager

Skills and capabilities:

Proficiency in the local language and in English

Proficiency in using the IT system

Attention to details and hygiene

People skills and sense of service

Conscientious and methodological

Responsibility, autonomy

Integrity, honesty

Teaching capacity

Diagnostic ability

Dynamic, responsive

Physical strength

Capacity for foresight and ability to take the initiative

Leadership, team spirit

Costs management

Availability, professional inquisitiveness

Internal mobility:

Depending on opportunities, profiles, skills and performance:

Cross-sectional mobility: Maintenance Manager in another the hotel 

Vertical mobility: Technical Director 

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