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Position Details: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion expert

Location: Juba, Southsudan
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The South-Sudan Health Pooled Fund Programme has been extended for another two years, from April 2016 to March 2018. The two-year programme extension (HPF2) will focus on consolidating gains made during the first phase and laying the ground work for a further phase of support from 2018. HPF2 will continue focusing on Health services delivery and health system strengthening. The objectives of the programme are:


1.    To increase the utilisation and quality of health services, with emphasis on maternal and child health: Development Partners (DPs) are to contribute to the improvement of access, use, and quality of Primary Health Care (PHC) services and Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (EmONC) services.

2.    To scale up health promotion and protection interventions so as to empower communities to take charge of their health: DPs were to contribute to increased accountability and effectiveness by working with community mechanisms for improving health and health education.

3.    To strengthen institutional functioning, including governance and health system   effectiveness, efficiency and equity: DPs will support strengthening key stewardship functions of the MOH including: planning, management, coordination, supervision and monitoring at all levels, in accordance with MOH guidelines and tools that were to be developed.

Gender inequality and social exclusion inhibit delivery of health services, access to health services and health seeking behaviour through impact on the community, the health system and the health workforce. The redesign of HPF in this second phase provides an opportunity for increased focus on gender equality and social inclusion with GESI integrated into its overall development programming, from community to policy and planning.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Expert will lead specific actions across all counties in 8 (original) states to integrate gender equality throughout both service delivery and in communities – focussing on institutional change and whole community transformation. The GESI Expert will also support the institutionalisation of Gender equality and Social Inclusion into relevant MOH planning and operations.

The approach is likely to include:

·         A GESI assessment of all NGO and development partner projects and institutions with the aim of sharing good practice, expertise and experience between partners, and developing an overall programme approach that can be adapted to the different district contexts.

·         A synthesis of key research on GESI in the 8 districts and identification of gaps and needs for more research and scoping

·         Identification of key women’s organisations and CBOs that can support the GESI integration and be strengthened with a view to future empowerment and accountability roles

·         A GESI dialogue process with the MoH at policy and operations levels

·         GESI sensitisation and training where required

·         Integration of GESI into M&E systems

·         Integration of GESI into key management and leadership areas and processes

·         Development of a programme GESI strategy to encompass the above areas and others

The expert will be part of the programme team based in Juba, near (or within) the Ministry of Health headquarters. The expert must be available to carry out field trips throughout the country as required by program activities.

Qualifications and Essential Experience:

·         At least a postgraduate degree in Social Studies or in any other relevant discipline;

·         Minimum of 10 years' experience in the design, implementation and monitoring of gender and social inclusion-sensitive interventions to address social exclusion in developing countries, including at least five years in development cooperation projects;

·         Demonstrable technical expertise and working knowledge of health sector and community engagement preferably in a conflict or post-conflict environment in Africa

·         Proven track record of technical input in the area of gender mainstreaming in health, community development programs including participatory and innovative methodologies.

·         Ability to lead but also work well with diverse team members, NGOs and governments and other stakeholders

·         Excellent analytical and reporting skills

·         Excellent command of written and spoken English



·         Previous working experience in integrating gender and social inclusion policy and development  programming

·         Understanding of gender and social inclusion issues in the South Sudan context and innovative approaches to community participation and facilitation

·         Experience of human resource development and training in relation to gender and social inclusion

·         Experience working with Non-Governmental and Faith Based Organisations

·         Experience of working in conflict and post conflict settings

·         Knowledge of the aid effectiveness agenda and donor harmonisation

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