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Position Details: Research Enumerator

Location: Juba, Southsudan
Openings: 40


MONTROSE is an international development project management and consultancy company providing support to clients operating in the developing world. Specialised in the sectors of health, education, rural livelihoods and private sector development, our clients include bilateral and multilateral development agencies, the private sector, Non-Governmental Organisations and other development stakeholders.


The Assessment of Early Grade Learners in Literacy and Numeracy in South Sudan project is part of the broader Education in Emergencies Programme (EEP) that aims to address deficiencies in Education in emergency states in South Sudan. The EEP aims to do this by providing training to teachers to be able to teach reading more effectively. These trainings would include training teachers on how to teach in National Language, support teacher training and mentoring activities, provide teachers on how to develop literacy competencies at each stage of the learning process and how to use teaching materials for effective instruction.

UNICEF South Sudan is managing the programme on behalf of the Global Education Partnership (GPE) and the Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MoGEI).  As a result, UNICEF South Sudan has been contracted Montrose to conduct EGRA/EGMA assessments in the six emergency states in South Sudan between the months of May and December 2017. These assessments will seek to measure the levels of proficiency in literacy and numeracy competencies among Primary 3 learners in the six states of Lakes, Unity, Jonglei, Upper Nile, Western Equatoria and Central Equatoria.

The assessments shall include baseline and endline studies in EGMA and EGRA in English and all the 5 National Languages from the previous UNICEF “Improving Early Childhood Learning Outcomes” project. These languages are Zande, Dinka, Toposa, Nuer and Bari. A sampling frame based on the estimated target number of learners in these six states shall be used to conduct the study. 


The purpose of this research is to assess the proficiency in literacy and numeracy for early grade learners enrolled in Primary 3 level education. The research shall include a baseline study and an endline study that shall be completed by December 2017. A combination of desk based research, literature review and field work will be required to collect and present the findings the EGRA/EGMA assessments

The following tasks have been identified for this technical engagement:

a)      An Inception period to:

·         Drafting an inception report that includes sections such as but not limited to

o   Introduction – an overview of education in South Sudan, situation analysis of Literacy and Numeracy in South Sudan and factors affecting learning outcomes in South Sudan

o   Technical Approach – assessments, data collection and data analysis

o   Developing a sampling framework and methodology to guide the research


b)   a)      A post-inception period divided into two components:

  • Component 1: Conduct a baseline EGRA/EGMA assessment for Primary 3 learners, including data collection, data analysis and report writing

·         Component 2: Conduct an endline EGRA/EGMA assessment for Primary 3 learners, including data collection, data analysis and report writing


Therefore, Montrose is looking for competent and skilled data enumerators to participate in this data collection exercise and those that fulfil the requirements listed on the next page. 

Job Specifications

We require a team of enumerators to conduct Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Assessments (EGRA and EGMA) in South Sudanese primary schools with learners in the six states of Lakes, Unity, Jonglei, Upper Nile, Western Equatoria and Central Equatoria. The enumarators will use adapted EGRA/EGMA tools to assess selected learners in Grade P3 of each school. The assessments will be undertaken with individual learners, using tablets. The enumerators will also conduct lesson observations (two per school: one in literacy (English or local languages) and one in numeracy) using tablets.



1.      Essential

·         Relevant Tertiary education qualification, either from a college of further education or university

·         A minimum of 5 years teaching experience/knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning practices in South Sudanese primary schools, preferably as teacher educator/lecturer

·         Experience with data collection/survey processes

·         Excellent English skills and fluency (spoken and written) in one of the following languages: Dinka, Zande, Nuer, Toposa or Bari

·         Ability and willingness to travel widely throughout South Sudan (In the states of Lakes, Unity, Jonglei, Upper Nile, Western Equatoria and Central Equatoria)

·         Experience of working with laptops and tablets

·         Ability to work with children in an empathetic, sympathetic manner

·         Ability to work with a team


2.      Desirable :

·         Teaching experience, particularly in primary education and in the languages listed above

·         Experience of working on EGRA/EGMA Assessments

·         Experience of working with tangerine software

·         Understanding of child protection rights and protocals


Successful candidates will be required to:

·         Participate in an enumerator training during 1st to 2nd week of June 2017 in Juba

·         Conduct data collection:

-          Travel to schools as part of assessment teams  between 3rd and  4th week of June 2017

-          Use and care for tablets in a responsible manner, ensuring they are not damaged, lost or stolen

-          Undertake daily learner assessments on tablets, in a professional fashion, following correct school procedures and child protection protocols

-          Ensure that school and learner information is kept private and confidential

-          Ensure daily upload of data

-          Work under the leadership and guidance of a senior enumerator and Montrose Project Manager

-          Ensure proper protocols are observed on arrival and at departure from each school visited

-          Undertake daily lessons observations (two per school: one in literacy and one in numeracy)

-          Monitor the research schedule of the assigned enumerator team



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