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Position Details: Operational Quality and H&S Manager

Location: Lusaka, Zambia
Openings: 3


Labor Type: Business Professional

The Services Quality Manager is the internal key quality point of contact for Project Quality Management Project Quality Assurance within customer projects. 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Regional and/or Global point of contact for Project Quality issues including escalation process issues and projects decisions if quality requirements are affected. 
  •  Support the development, maintenance and monitoring the execution of project/customer specific quality plans, ensuring alignment with customer and suppliers contractual requirements. 
  •  Support development of project/customer specific implementation standards and customer acceptance criteria. (Country level) 
  •  Evaluates and processes site quality management and non quality cost management. 
  •  Knows risks and opportunities of the project, collects and documents the relevant data. 
  •  Evaluate the project goals and facilitate teamwork within the project (including Customer and Suppliers), permitting the continuous site quality improvement. 
  •  Ensure pro-active Site Quality improvement actions, by analysing the project situation and by a close cooperation with the Project Team, Suppliers and Customer. 
  •  Ease the project and operational level KPI / SLA reporting. Ensure the grade of quality is measurable in the project regarding cost, time and result. 
  •  Plans and organizes lessons learned and root cause analysis with Project and Suppliers in order to implement continuous improvement measures & actions, depending on demands and results. 
  •  Tools support for: development, Project’s customization, reporting, maintenance and monitoring of project quality tools, especially IPM (quality module and its respective reports). 
  •  Ensure adequate monitoring and randomly inspects Telecom site installation work to verify that the implementation is done according to Contracts (Customer & Suppliers), Customer specifications, Nokia standards & guidelines and Nokia work processes and Quality. 
  •  Ensure adaptation and implementation of Health & Safety and Environment standards according to Nokia GS Safety Kit (monitor H&S Performance, Report H&S performance, feedback to Procurement and Project Managers). 
  •  Supervise reporting, follow-up and corrective actions internally and from Suppliers. 
  •  Follow-up IPM Quality Module fulfilment. Ensure regular reporting to Project Manager, Suppliers and Country, Regional SiSo Management. 
  •  Participate to Q Service Supplier meetings and follow-up Supplier analysis on corrective action (and pro-active improvement plan). 
  •  Support Quality, management and regular follow-up at regional, country or project level. For Nokia, Customers and National/International standards. 

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