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Position Details: Engineer CS /NSS

Location: Juba, South Sudan
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Title of job:

Engineer CS / NSS


Location of the job: 

MTNSS  – Networks

Job Code:


Number of subordinates:


Job Level: 


Time span: 


Mission/ Core purpose of the Job


·         The mission is to create capacity planning for core and intelligent network, systems network element deployment and optimization of the network architecture/topology

·         The mission is to implement the CORE O&M strategy in a structured and discipline manner




·         Availability of existing core infrastructure

·         Availability of Technical solutions, tools and resources

·         Converging technologies

·         Emerging GSM market

·         GSM Global standards for network performance and quality

·         Infrastructure deficiencies and constraints

·         International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Global standards for network performance and quality of service

·         Lack of standardized performance measurement benchmarks and formula

·         MTNSS’s business plan & CAPEX / OPEX budget availability / constraint for core.

·         Technology evolution path for GSM– 2.5G/3G (GPRS, UMTS)

·         Telecommunications legislations

·         Vendors and suppliers



Key Performance Areas: Core, essential responsibilities / outputs of the position (KPA's)

Key Tasks: 


·         Direct the Operation and Maintenance of core and for optimal network capacity 

·         Ensure effective technical feasibility studies for new features and services within the core

·         Develop network architecture and topology planning strategies

·         Maintain key vendor relationships and provide service capability

·         Direct and provision network capacity for all  GSM NSS elements, features, protocols 

·         Direct and choose best network architecture for core network growth of in terms of traffic, subscribers and value added service capacity  

·         Manage and perform technical investigations into topics related to core network design and performance, such as new types of hardware, new design methodologies, impact of new technologies (GPRS, EDGE)

·         Oversee and Identify new software requirements and participate in the specification of all custom software tools 

·         Evaluate the functionality and relevance of new NSS software and ensure that MTNSS takes full advantage of all advanced features made available in new software release 

·         Define, approve and maintain processes for Tele-Traffic analysis, network modeling, etc and advise the business on growth & technology evolution path

·         CAPEX and OPEX budgeting in line with organization strategic objectives

·         Define and manage the network evolution strategies to keep abreast of new and evolving technologies

·         Define and maintain MTNSS numbering plan and optimal network architecture topology for efficient number /utilization

·         Planning and design of core and to support the business

·         Co-ordinate internal and external activities with stakeholders geared towards capacity provisioning for MTNSS network growth

·         Interface with Marketing and Business development groups for new services and capacity planning

·         Develop  annual budgetary plan for Core O&M .

·         Core KPI monitoring.

·         Follow up & monitoring managed services.




Supervisory / Leadership / Managerial Tasks: 


·         Coach and mentor direct reports to ensure staff motivation is high

·         Direct and monitor  work of subordinates

·         Ensure the team is led; motivated and rewarded to achieve key performance areas

·         Guide and direct vendors and third parties in achieving MTNSS objectives

·         Identify staff training and development needs and implement necessary actions

·         Recruit staff for appointments

·         Set goals and objectives for direct reports, monitor progress and maintain motivation

·         Set up appropriate structure to meet departmental management objectives

·         Supervision of performance of the divisional team and staff members



Role Dependencies:


·         Caliber of line managers and reputation of network division

·         Caliber of line managers and support and commitment towards the network department

·         Policies; processes and procedures



Lateral Dimensions: These indicate the areas where the individuals could contribute uniquely in addition to the indicated duties, as well as how they could be affected by others or circumstances not necessarily under their control.


·         Create ways of improving processes and procedures

·         Exploit ways to enhance network utilization and availability

·         Project scheduling





·         Budget constraints – both OPEX and CAPEX

·         Caliber and skill level in the operations 

·         Conservative forecast for service demands.

·         Inadequate existing transmission infrastructure

·         Support from other Groups within the organization 

·         Transmission constraints


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Collaboration:  Refers to formal and informal relationships

Responsibility towards: 

·         Direct reports to O&M Senior Manager

·         Key customers, MTNSS, NWG, Marketing, IS and VAS Customer Care

·         Key suppliers, Marketing, Coverage Steering Group, External Vendors (Ericsson, etc), Services Suppliers (Consultants)

·         Other relations, Finance, HR, IS, and Transmission.




Discretionary Space: The degree to which individuals are allowed to exercise independent thought and judgment.

Independent thought and Judgment:

·         Strategic decisions on Core and requirements and deployment, personal initiatives in line with MTNN’s business objectives 

·         Create optimal environment supported by systems to achieve metrics results in line with the organizational strategy and the direction set by MTN group

·         Free to make decisions subject to policies and procedures of the company and division’s budgets 

·         Make recommendations on achieving company long term goals on excellent quality of service

·         Manage and lead the full range of strategic intent work

·         Need to plan for contingencies 




·         Approve leave of subordinates

·         As per delegation of authority

·         Departmental budget control

·         Authorise network element location

·         Authorise NSS features required for network optimization



Minimum Requirements  


·         Bachelors degree in Electrical / Electronics / Communications Engineering




·         4 years experience on switch operations/planning which includes two years experience in multi-v operations and contract negotiation with vendors/suppliers on technical and commercial issue (Vendor/Supplier management)

·         Experience in forecasting long term network growth and providing input to company business plan





·         Management trainings

·         New technologies seminar / training

·         GSM / 3G conferences and workshops

·         MTN NWG Africa seminars /workshops






·         CAPEX and OPEX budget planning and administration

·         Contract negotiation, vendor / supplier management

·         Decision Making

·         Electrical / Electronic Engineering

·         Engineering installation

·         Feedback and coaching

·         Legislation and compliance

·         Management information systems strategy and planning

·         Network administration

·         Network availability management

·         Network capacity management

·         Network commissioning

·         Project management

·         Quality management systems.

·         Radio frequency management and re-use strategies 

·         Recruitment and selection

·         Reporting

·         Service Continuity Management

·         Service Monitoring and Control

·         System Administration

·         Training needs identification

·         Transmission media technologies

Skills / physical competencies:


·         Change Management

·         Communication, verbal and written

·         Decision making

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